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Home Decor

As a newer addition to bag making, I have taken on the hobby of refurbishing lamps and lamp shades.  Most of my lamps have been purchased at thrift stores or garage sales.  I use scraps of fabric from my bag making to create a unique shade that gives any room a little pizzazz!  Some lamp bases are also handpainted to give a fresh look. 

I will post available lamps for purchase online as frequently as possible.  Unfortunately shipping is not available for these items at this time.

Bohemian Style Lamp with hand painted shade: $30

Sold. Square-ish lamp shade with hand painted bases. 

Decorated Lamp shade and hand painted base. Red with white polka Dots and black accents.  
$30 for shade & base

Hand Painted Base and pieced shade with multiple colors.  

Pink, Black, and White pieced lamp shade. $15