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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

And the Winner of the Gobble Fish is...

First of all I want to thank all of you for participating in my drawing.  I really appreciate your support and am glad that you like my new creation the Gobble Fish.  If you didn't win and would like to purchase a Gobble Fish  then please email/ message me to see what I have available.  I have quite a few made but will not post them into my online store until after my Holiday events.  I can also make custom fish, just let me know!

Now, done to the good stuff, I was able to randomly select a winner (thanks to the generator) and the winner of the Jamaican Gobble Fish is:

Kestlee Dooley

Congratulations!  I hope you and your kids enjoy it!  I will message you to arrange a shipping/ pick up time.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jamaican Fish Giveaway! ($25 value)

Enter to win this original Gobble Fish!  It measures 12 inches from mouth to tail and is 5 inches wide.  Great pouch for holding snacks, crayons, toys, or anything you might need on the go!  A great gift for any child you love!

You may enter into the drawing more than once by doing any of the following:
1. Leave a comment below (with your email address)
2. Leave a comment on my Facebook Page
3. Like my Facebook Page
4. Share my link to this giveaway on your Facebook Page (let me know if you do this)
5. Become a follower of my blog

Please leave me a way to contact you.  Giveaway ends at Midnight on Tuesday, Novemeber 8th.  Winner will be announced on Wed the 9th.

Good Luck!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Next Giveaway!

I want to do a Giveaway during the first week of November but I am torn between what I should do!  Vote in my poll so it will give me an idea of what you guys would like the best!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Gobble Fish!

This is an original creation. My husband had this great idea and made me a pattern. In the end I whipped it together and named it the Gobble Fish(TM). He is so cute with his googly eyes and poochy lips! He is basically a pouch (as featured under my "Pouches and Accessories" tab above) in the shape of a fish!

My inspiration for this came from playing with my niece with one of my regular pouches. I would act like the pouch snaps were a mouth that was trying to eat her hand. She really got a kick out of this and would often snatch it away from me so she could try making it work. Later on, when brainstorming my idea with my husband, he came up with this genius idea!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Custom order for Tammy

Daiper bag with matching Dwipee!
 Bag features 2 bottle pockets, 6 interior pockets and a magnetic snap closure.

Custom order for Chassie

Diaper bag and matching Dwipee
 Features 2 bottle pockets, 6 inside pockets, magnetic snap closure.

Custom Order for Kristine

The Ultimate Diaper Bag package.  This order included:
Quilted and pieced diaper bag (X-Large size) with large back pocket
Nursing cover
 All three products are pictured here

 The longer strap makes it easy to get in and out of the bag.
It also features 2 side bottle pockets and a magnetic snap closure with a fashionable button.

 Large back pocket for storing anything extra

Back of bag with the pocket empty

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Popcorn Festival 2011

The Popcorn Festival was AMAZING!  To start off, my brother-in-law and I surprised my sister with a surprise trip out to visit me for the weekend.  It was soooo great to have her around!  She has always been a great sister and we had so much fun making new friends.  Probably the highlight of the day was being able to see all of our customers try on dresses and really get excited about how cute they looked.  After so much sewing and work, it was really rewarding to see your faces and hear your input!  We took some pictures of our exciting day.  Unfortunately, we were unable to get pictures of everyone who came to our booth (which I would have loved) but were at least able to get a few.  Thank you all for letting me post these.  You girls are all darling!

Pictures are on my Miss Tailor's Facebook page! Click here to see!  :)

Be sure to like Miss Tailor's Facebook page so you can get all the updates of where I will be next!

Come see me again next year!  I will be at the Popcorn Festival again, that is for sure!  :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Preparing for Festivals

Lately, I have been spending all my extra time sewing up a storm!  I will be participating in a very big festival on September 10th in downtown Valparaiso.  It is call the Popcorn festival... (apparently Orville Reddenbaucher is from this area so they started this annual festival).  I went to it last year as a consumer and thought that it was really fun.  There were so many people that it was hard to walk without running into someone!  I am hoping this year will have just as good of a turn out. 
As a result, I am not posting new products into my online store until after the show.  If you are an online shopper than be sure to check out my shop the week after the 10th of September to see what goodies are in store!

To satisify your appetite of bag shopping, (haha) feel free to look at the products I have made in the past.  Remember that I can always do a custom order, email me to get started!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Concealed Weapons Bag - Custom orders start at $55

I have had a couple of friends request a bag specifically to conceal their weapons (they are both licensed carriers).  One of them told me that when shopping for a concealed weapons bag, she can never find anything in cute material.  It is usually always plain brown or black.  This posed a challenge for me and took me a while to figure out what would be the best solution.  After discussing in more detail with her what her needs were, I was able to come up with this; Which, after all the time I spent making weird designs, I realized was much simpler than I was making it out to be!  

It is made of a sturdy duck fabric with a thick stabilizer attached to the back of each fabric panel.  The side pocket is 6 inches wide and 8.5 inches deep to accommodate a smaller hand held gun, going into the pocket barrel first.

The two side pockets have snap closures (like the closures I use on the pouches I make here).  I used my rotary cutter to demonstrate how it slides into the pocket smoothly.

 The snap closure will then close firmly after the item is placed in the pocket.  Due to the thickness of the fabric, it is difficult to tell the rotary cutter (or weapon) is even there!
(please note: snap closure may not hold weapon in, if bag is turned upside down and shaken)

This type of bag can be used for many things and is not an exclusive concealed weapons bag.  It is great for anything you might need big exterior pockets for!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Craft Shows in July

I will be participating in 4 craft shows during the month of July. Pretty much the next 4 Saturdays at the downtown courthouse square in Valpo. The dates are: 7/2/11, 7/9/11, 7/16/11, and lastly 7/23/11 (if things go as planned my mom, from AZ, will be joining me on this last day!). The times are 8am - 2pm.

Product Highlights:
SKIRTS: I have 30+ super cute skirts and dresses. From plain colors to bold patterns that are perfect for the summer! The skirts are versatile and can also be worn as a beach dress or as a cute top with a belt! Priced from $20+.

DWIPEE: Perfect for mom's on the go! A great compact for diapers and wipes! $15

HANDBAGS: various shapes and sizes! Great fashion statements! $15+

LANYARDS: stylish long keychains/ name tag badges. $5

LAMPS: 5 new patched lamps of varying colors. $30+

POUCHES: 3 different sized pouches, great for purse organization! $5+

HOME DECOR: Refurbished home decor items including picture frame, wall shelf, and vase. $10+

Come check it out!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Valpo Summer Market Begins...

This coming weekend will mark my first craft show of the year!  Yay!!  To be honest, I have quite a few projects I am working on at home and am finding it difficult to finish all of them in time.  Initially, I was feeling like I needed to finish them before this weekend but then I just decided that I wasn't going to and now I feel a lot better! haha!  As a result I have decided that in my future life (post husband in law school), I would LOVE to only work 3-4 days a week (versus 5-6 days) so that I can work more on my crafts!

Anyways, please consider this an official invite to come hang out with me this coming Saturday!

When: June 11th
Where: down town Valpo at the Courthouse square (right off of Lincolnway, hard to miss)!
 Time: 8AM - 3PM

There will be crafts and food vendors.  It's a newer thing in Valpo so come show your support!  If you are a crafter, or want to try your hand at selling something, you should join me as a vendor!



Sunday, May 15, 2011

Skirt of many uses!

Regular skirt

Stylish shirt with a belt/ or 
great as a beach dress over a swimsuit!

High waisted skirt

Low waisted skirt

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Scraps of Delight!!

Lately I have been exploring various avenues of craftiness.  Here is a boring old vase that I jazzed up with some decorative scraps and rhinestones!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I need your help!! Please VOTE in my poll to the right----->>

I am starting to hunt down more and more old lamps to refurbish.  As a result I want to figure out a name to call them.  I am kind of stuck on using "patches" somehow because my most popular lamp style is the one with all the patched fabric as seen below.  I listed four possible names in the poll to the right. PLEASE VOTE or leave a comment with any name suggestions!  My creative naming skills have gone out the window!!  Thanks!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Homemade Tent!

My husband and I decided to make a tent for the back of our truck!  We initially were looking online for pre-made tents but quickly realized that we could make a tent for cheaper than buying one.  Growing up my mom always lived by the code of "Why buy it, if you can make it for cheaper!" (guess that explains a lot about my craftiness).  So here is our tent!

It helps that my husband is an engineer and I am a seamstress!  We have yet to take it out in the wild but are excited for it to warm up so we can try it!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nursing Cover for Toni

One of my good friends just had a baby a couple of months ago.  Her little baby is so adorable and sweet.  He is one of those babies that is so cute that you can't help but be baby hungry!  Anyways, she asked me to make her this nursing cover.  It is big enough to cover everything up and also has a towel pocket on the backside.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spotlight Bucket- A random craft project

I work with the Young Women in my church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and 2 times a month we spotlight a different girl.  The Spotlight Bucket holds many different treasures and when a girl is spotlighted she gets to take the bucket home for the week.  She can pick one item out of the bucket to keep and replace the item she takes with something else that she has.  That way the bucket's contents are always changing.  The girls seem to like it so far!

Materials used:
plastic ice cream bucket
scraps of fabric
fake gerber daisy
hot glue gun

I basically used my imagination and went to work.  It was a simple yet very fun project!!