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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Custom Order for Kristine

The Ultimate Diaper Bag package.  This order included:
Quilted and pieced diaper bag (X-Large size) with large back pocket
Nursing cover
 All three products are pictured here

 The longer strap makes it easy to get in and out of the bag.
It also features 2 side bottle pockets and a magnetic snap closure with a fashionable button.

 Large back pocket for storing anything extra

Back of bag with the pocket empty

1 comment:

The Doodler said...

Hi Kim!

Your items are so cute, I really love these polka-dot purses! I'm really jealous of your sewing talents, I have practically zero! said you stumbled across my blog from a friends...and I don't know if you happened to see the About Me page. But if you didn't....we totally know each other. Ah good ol' days of Lakeside and Wagon Wheel ward, right?

Brie from