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Pouches and Accessories

Large Pouches
$12 Pre-made, $15 Custom
Great for: Make-up, medicine, travel organizer, snacks, etc.

Medium Pouches
$10 Pre-made, $12 Custom
Great for: Sunglasses, feminine products, pencils/pens

Small Pouches
$8 Pre-made, $10 Custom
Great for: Camera, binky, chap stick, powder, credit cards, cell phone, IPod, etc.

The "Gobble Fish" pouch!
$20 each

 A cute pouch that kids will love where they can store treats!

Why are these pouches unique?

The opening to the pouch remains in a closed position until tabs on either side are pulled apart.  The pouch can then be accessed.  No zipper or magnets!  It's magic!  Or just top secret... wink, wink!  After use it automatically returns to the closed state.

Bundled discounts available.  Email me at: if interested.


$20(Pre-made) $25(Custom)

My sister's unique invention of a Diaper/ Wipes compact for the mother on the go. Since she is on the go with her kids, she has allowed me to sell them in her stead. They are a must have for any modern mom!

"Dwipee, Dwipee, carries your Diapers and Wipees!"

Email me at: to place an order!

Nursing Cover

$20 (pre-made), $30 (Custom)

The nursing cover includes one inside pocket, lining and features 14" of boning across the top which allows the mom to see her baby while feeding.

I don't normally make "pre-made" nursing covers, but I may have one or more on hand every once in a while.  These are mostly sold as custom orders to match a Dwipee and/or Diaper Bag but can be sold separately as well.  

The Ultimate Baby Package
Includes matching Dwipee, Diaper Bag, and Nursing Cover at a discounted price!

$80 (Premade), $100 (Custom), $100+ (Special order requests)

Email me at: to place an order!

Available in most all fabrics on side bar