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Monday, August 1, 2011

Concealed Weapons Bag - Custom orders start at $55

I have had a couple of friends request a bag specifically to conceal their weapons (they are both licensed carriers).  One of them told me that when shopping for a concealed weapons bag, she can never find anything in cute material.  It is usually always plain brown or black.  This posed a challenge for me and took me a while to figure out what would be the best solution.  After discussing in more detail with her what her needs were, I was able to come up with this; Which, after all the time I spent making weird designs, I realized was much simpler than I was making it out to be!  

It is made of a sturdy duck fabric with a thick stabilizer attached to the back of each fabric panel.  The side pocket is 6 inches wide and 8.5 inches deep to accommodate a smaller hand held gun, going into the pocket barrel first.

The two side pockets have snap closures (like the closures I use on the pouches I make here).  I used my rotary cutter to demonstrate how it slides into the pocket smoothly.

 The snap closure will then close firmly after the item is placed in the pocket.  Due to the thickness of the fabric, it is difficult to tell the rotary cutter (or weapon) is even there!
(please note: snap closure may not hold weapon in, if bag is turned upside down and shaken)

This type of bag can be used for many things and is not an exclusive concealed weapons bag.  It is great for anything you might need big exterior pockets for!

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